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Challenges and problems lurk along the roadside of every venture and no one knows them better than you. That's why we always team up with you, before we go on a hero's journey of solutions. In the fires of our software volcano, we forge a creative solution concept for your individual problem that gets all the heads of the hydra. We are your loyal partner of web-based software solutions - and in the end the princess is yours.

What? Who are these guys?!

We are BAM! Titans of software development, web ninjas in wool sweaters and design visionaries. Your golden ticket to the multiverse of web-based training, classic websites and highly customized software solutions.


We have been there. At the end of the hero's journey. We have explored canyons, swum through data streams and climbed mountains together with our customers. With the right mindset and the right equipment, we have implemented digital projects in a solution-oriented manner. We have been trusted by well-known medium-sized companies as well as large corporations. We have worked for the following brands:

Audi, CUPRA, Eurowings, got2b, Henkel, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz, SEAT, smart

Here you can see an excerpt of our projects.

Arcade slot machine showing the home page of the website sapered.com.

Corporate Design & Website Launch


We developed a corporate design for Sapered that communicates the expertise, values and culture of the learning and development professionals consistently across all channels. Of course, this also included the website, the technical implementation of which was also carried out by us.

Digital Training Experience

SEAT Training Hub

We technically implemented the digital training platform for SEAT's worldwide sales. Brand Games and Micro Learnings conveyed the basic knowledge for the digital qualification of the employees for the product launch. (In cooperation with Stagg & Friends)

Digital Training Experience

CUPRA Training Hub

We provided the technical implementation of the CUPRA Training Hub, on which the digital brand & sales training for the international product launch of new CUPRA models took place. (In cooperation with Stagg & Friends)



Whispers are carried through the alleys with the wind. Rumors of self-programming websites, new digital learning experiences and designs that deceive the senses are spreading. People are unsettled, but suddenly the bell-clear voice of the paperboy cuts through the crackling air: 'The new issue of Blazing Blogle is here!' What luck. So read for yourself what's happening in the digital world of web and software development, design and digital marketing. But beware, these blog posts are hot.

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