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Author: Klaus Seibold


Web Devel­opment

A new territory full of castles, farms, houses and cottages - but what are you going to build there? A complex multilingual website? A sensational landing page for your campaign? Or are you still undecided about the right solution to your problem? Whatever it is, we've been here a long time and know all the old names: Homepage, One Pager, or internet page. But names are just smoke and mirrors. We help you to create a web presence for your company or your goal that performs and burns itself indelibly into people's memories.

  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development
  • Web Applications
  • eCommerce Platforms
  • Intranet Solutions
  • Plugins


Learn­ing & training plat­form

You must unlearn, what you have learned. Okay, it's not quite that bad. Book and pen are loyal friends, but with digital learning and training platforms we offer the technical solution for immersive and effective learning experiences. Whether you want to get your employees up to speed on a new product in the best way possible, deliver the content of your next training in a targeted and clear way, or need an app to accompany your event; our eLearning platforms create the technical foundation for what matters most: learner progress. Trust Master Coda.

  • Online Learnings
  • Training Platforms
  • Digital Workshops
  • Learning Apps (wba)
  • Training Apps (wba)
  • Learning Platforms


Design & Media

Think of something beautiful. We always do; when we design a website, create a learning interface or develop a corporate design. But above all, we think of something beautiful that makes an impact. In essence, design has little to do with "fancy painting". It's not even important whether you personally like it or not, but that it connects with your target group. Good design enchants you like the first day at magic school. But magic follows rules. It's all about the successful symbiosis of aesthetics and psychological impulses - and a good portion of creativity. We are capable of that and create communication design, web design, or graphic design that enchants your customers. Ascendio!

  • Web Design
  • Corporate Design
  • Logos
  • Brand Design
  • Design Language Systems
  • Illustrations


Social Media & Digital Market­ing

"Everyone's on Facebook. That's where we need to be!" Wait a minute: No! All digital channels offer opportunities, but they are home to different audiences and have their own character. Some social media networks are desolate, loud and colorful space bars, mailings are rather charming and subtle, yet other platforms are a polished glossy glitter sticker for scrapbooks. As an agency, we are your mastermind in the iron armor, scanning the channels for those you are looking for. Online and content marketing only make sense in places where you can achieve your business goals.

  • Digital Strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Awareness
  • Mailings
  • Social Ads

Our Method

There is no try - there is a method to our work. We follow three clear steps for each project that allow us to consider everything important from the outset and ultimately achieve the best possible result. The end? Nope. We constantly repeat this cycle and put achieved results to the test, because the world keeps turning and requirements change.


We ask the right questions to clearly identify problems and challenges.


We gather all the ideas, approaches and tools we can use along the way.


Many pieces become a polished concept that provides the perfect battle plan for implementation.


Goal-oriented and carefully we implement the discussed solution.


We did it! We will hand over the solution and you can use it right away.


Do we want to stop getting better? Never. We assess the solution and evaluate next possible steps.

Boy, that escalated quickly.

You did not expect such a firework of solutions, did you? If you want to find out who is behind all this, you better click the button.