About us Just bamtastic people

Vision & Values

We fascinate with our work and inspire people to creatively and innovatively create new standards for the digital world of tomorrow.


The highest quality is what drives and motivates us. That sounds unemotional, but high-quality solutions drive us on, make us proud and happy. Professionalism, personal responsibility, precision and fun take centre stage.


We do what we love to do and look back with satisfaction on the results we achieve. What has always fascinated us is now our passion and profession. We live it every day with discipline, vigour and enthusiasm.


We stand by our words. We do not shy away from discourse and are respectfully honest with customers, partners and ourselves. We expect the same respect in return. At BAM, all differences, ideas and views are heard and valued. Misanthropic and discriminatory views must remain outside. With the necessary trust and appreciation, everyone can make their own decisions without hesitation. Loyalty and integrity are not only elementary components of our company philosophy - we live them.


Who we are

BAM. An acronym that sounds like an explosion - like a direct hit in the villain's face or the creation of an entire universe. For us, it is even more. BAM represents the entire company, every single one of our team. The concentrated power of our employees, who work passionately every day to achieve extraordinary results. Services with a bang that impress and inspire customers and partners.

Where does the name come from? Old chronicles may still reveal the secret, but that is no longer important. We are in the here and now. We are BAM!

Christian Bäumer CEO / Full Stack Developer

Messiah Forest

Founder of the BAM Alliance with extraordinary cognitive skills and a great sense of responsibility.

Super Coding Speed 10
Energy Blasts 7
Super Learning 9
Electric Manipulation 8
Danger Warning 10
Miguel Afonso dos Santos Founder / Creative Director

Migos Agio

Founder of the BAM Alliance and a master of illusions and mind tricks.

Sensory Illusion 10
Animal Control 8
Reality Warping 9
Chi 7
Converting Sound to Light 8
Dennis Meissner CEO / Full Stack Developer

Menace Dysoner

Founder of the BAM Alliance with an irrepressible combination of intelligence and force.

Steel Skin 9
Gravity Control 8
Psionic Blast 7
Super Coding Speed 10
Unstoppable Momentum 10
Daniel Deflieze Marketing & Communication Manager

Lion van Dan

First new member of the BAM Alliance with colour in his head and strong magic skills.

Imagination Power 10
Force Field Projection 9
Precognition 8
Time Pause 7
Understanding All Languages 8
Hendrik Bunnick Full Stack Developer

Bandric Hagan

Guardian of order and code symbiont with the will to achieve the best possible.

Waveforming 9
Data analysis 8
Quality consciousness 21
Roguelike veteran 9
Penetration resistance 10
Jan Wystub DevOps | Full Stack Developer

Count Resur

Aspiring process designer and shaper of structures who constantly challenges the status quo.

1001100111000 10
Advanced Shellscript Bending 8
Ghost Driving 8
Gadget Master 9
AI Manipulation 7
Marius Zander Backend Developer


Stringbending 9
Ancient Coding 7
Command of Machines 10
Security Master 8
Aim & Spray Control 9
Jason Theiler Frontend Developer (Werkstudent)

The Argonaut

Master of Frontend, disguised as a student.

Cold resistance 10
Interplanetary dreaming 9
Documentation devouring 8
Open-Source-Stalking 9
Nina Schaffeld Marketing & Communication Assistant

Sunny Owl

Second female BAMily member and creative guardian over word and writing.

Organisation 8
Imagination 7
Spectacled cobra 10
Inaudible laughter 9
Ruhr area slang 8
Sebastian Neuhaus


Guard of the operations of the BAM Alliance with extraordinary coordination capabilities.

Reading minds 8
Reliability 9
Master of Disaster 10
Frankness 7
Sneaker Collection 260
Paule Savior of the city

Paule the Dog

Woof! Woof woof wau woof - grrrrrrrr.

Jumping 10
Eating 9
Back Flip 8
High Five 9
Barking 10

This is where we work at

In an underground cave, hidden under winding towers, in the abandoned tunnel system of the mines, we face the challenges of the digital world. Well, it's rather a stylish office space in the TZU, centrally located in Oberhauen. But the local mining history still surrounds us. In addition, we are neighbors of the Centro, of various fast-food locations and the appropriate fitness studios to work off the little sins. Alternatively, we play a round of video games - that's eSports, you know.

Of course, you can reach us easily via various highways as well as by public transport. The interior design and the quality of our work equipment is very important to us, because everyone should feel comfortable here and be able to work optimally.

The Arsenal

Our Toolbox

Heroes and adventurers need the right equipment to get where they want to go. So consider the tools listed here as our Power Weapons, which we know inside out. However, we are also happy to learn how to use new tools, especially those that are close to your heart.


Sounds like team spirit

Always fresh beats and good tunes. As you know, a positive working atmosphere is important to us. For us, this clearly includes the right music in the workplace. 
Check out our BAM playlist on Spotify.