New Year's resolutions 2022 or maybe 2023 or 2024 ...


We've given it some thought. Here it comes. Cheers.

Marie Schürmann, Jan 21, 2022

The first of January is considered a new beginning, at least for those of us who have set new goals for 2022. Hendrik doesn't believe in resolutions or a set day to start something he wants to achieve. So his resolution is to have no resolutions and just do it. Yet, the rest of us needed a little time to figure out what we wanted to do BETTER. But we did come up with one or two things. Surprisingly, some of these New Year's resolutions overlap - I wonder why that is ...


The classic: home office and Covid have not exactly played into our hands when it comes to achieving beach-ready bodies.

Also, the short distances to Burger King, McDonald's and the trusted kebab have always tempted us to taste the usually delicious fast food. This must stop! In 2022, the BAMvengers want to do without the greasy treats - hopefully the Plant Based Long Chicken will not be King of the Month so often.

At the latest when we had to order almost all jumpers in XL for Christmas, it was clear to us, something has to happen. Of course, we are incredibly muscular beneath our shirts, which is why an S just wouldn't have fit at that point, but that's another story ... After all, we're not braggarts!

Losing weight, however, is not everyone's motivation for a healthy diet, which our art director Sven proves. He has had a very special life motto for a long time, which will also accompany him through the year 2022.

Yoga and meditation at home
Sven meditating in his temple.
"My body is my temple." - Sven

We should all eat the best possible food to make our insides as beautiful as our outsides. Hendrik already tried to smuggle a few apples into the Cave last year in the hope that we philistines would also take a bite. And it seems that the fruit has also found its way into the home office. You can certainly see Sven's healthy diet. It's not just the flat that's clean. The BAM jumper also looks great on him! We expected nothing less.


Healthy eating is one thing, exercise is another. Office job or not, just sitting around is simply not cool for your back and fitness. We all agree on this. We simply want to be more active and fit again - inside and outside the Cave. Daniel now runs (almost) a half marathon every lunchtime: You old machine! Can't believe it? Have a look for yourself:

Sporty into the new year
Daniel in his new favourite environment, on the running track. Sport is his life.

But beware: if Dennis were to set up walking pads in the office some time soon, it could be that he will whiz past Daniel at supersonic speed. Run, Daniel, run!


Books ... one wants to write them, the other wants to read them.

Maybe we can read Daniel's first novel at the end of the year - who knows? It could be one of the twelve books Miguel wants to read this year, or the first in a long time that Sven reads to the very end.

But that's not all! Megalomaniac as we know him, Daniel also wants to open two more communication channels with BAM and take off with podcasts and streaming.

Watch out Spotify: we are coming for you - one way or another! If Daniel doesn't achieve his goals, which we're not assuming at all for now, Miguel will be heading for the top of the German charts with his six new songs. Maybe he's working on the summer hit of 2022? And maybe Marius will join in with his guitar? It remains exciting! With Miguel's resolution to write a new song every month, there is bound to be a hit.

Composing songs with a guitar
The hit train wants to get rolling again.

Helene? See you in the Köpi Arena!


We look at our work devices all day long and at our smartphones during breaks or after work - that can't be healthy, can it?!111! We spend far too much time typing away on keyboards and mobile phones. That's why we want to reduce our mobile phone consumption this year, in order to be able to perceive situations more consciously and intensively. Miguel, for example, wants to spend quality time with his little mini-me and not be distracted all the time. We consider that extremely sweet. Overall, it's important for all of us to spend more time with family and friends, as long as we finally get a grip on this Covid crap. Together we can do it. #WEAREBAMILY

Free-time with friends and delicious food
More time with friends - who says colleagues can't be friends, too?


What do we do want to do with the time that is given to us? Mattes has the idea to travel more. Not just anywhere, but exactly where he has wanted to go for a long time. Just dare to do something. Even if other destinations are closer and perhaps cheaper. Finally doing what makes you feel good. Being brave has so many advantages! Otherwise we would probably have two designers less. That's why it's better to do more and think less. Otherwise you might miss the greatest opportunities.

Die Weltkarte auf dem Fernseher mit dem Fernglas entdecken
If you're really brave, you can see the whole world at once.


Of course, we also have resolutions that clearly relate to work. Overall, we are all very satisfied and happy with what we do and have to do from Monday to Friday. That can go on for a while, can't it? Maybe some of us have plans to introduce a little more structure into our daily work, but we're not naming anyone here. Genius does indeed dominate chaos, but unfortunately chaos also dominates project organisation. Christian will definitely optimise his time management. And what do the other DEVs say?

"At first I thought of 'bothering less with Microsoft teams' bugs' because it has affected my daily work a lot so far, but then I noticed that I can just use teams less." - Jan

It's clear by now that we're into gaming. We would not be BAM if at least one of us didn't have a new gaming idea. And so it is. Dennis' resolution is to develop a serious game.

But art never rests ... That's why Miguel wants even more creative time to let off steam completely, the maniac.


Will we make it happen? Of course we will! Daniel will be a famous author, our podcast will go through the roof, Marius will play solo guitar concerts, Mattes will travel the world, Marie will start her Master's degree, Miguel will have recorded six new songs, Sven will run a book club, Dennis will be the master of structure, Christian will never be in a time crunch again, Jan will just hang out in Discord, Hendrik will take it easy and Jason will have a huge Bachelor party in his own flat! And, maybe we'll still manage to dissuade Marie from her path to the teaching profession and bind her to us forever.

If none of that happens, we'll have plenty of content for the next blog post on New Year's resolutions 2023 - just look on the bright side.

Here's to an exciting and promising year with BAMily!

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